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Thank you for choosing Choices in Counseling, LLC, the private practice of Dorian Angebrandt, LCSW for your secure video tele-health counseling!

All new client’s should complete and submit a TELE-HEALTH APPT REQUEST FORM to request services and to ensure that the services offered through Choices in Counseling, LLC will meet your needs.
Important Notes:

1. Dorian Angebrandt, LCSW only provides tele-health video/phone counseling services, no in-person face-to-face appointments are available.*

2. Dorian Angebrandt, LCSW only provides tele-health video/phone counseling services - no medication management or psychiatric/psychological testing services are provided.

3. Dorian Angebrandt, LCSW
does not provide any type of Social Security Disability evaluation(s) or complete any type of Social Security Disability paperwork.

4. Dorian Angebrandt, LCSW is
not a drug and alcohol counselor, and therefor does not provide drug and alcohol assessment(s) or counseling services.

5. Dorian Angebrandt, LCSW
does not provide client evaluation(s) or complete paperwork for Emotional Support Animals.
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If you are ready to begin receiving the professional, comprehensive and accessible tele-health counseling & mentoring services that you have been looking for, please open and review each of the steps below and then click on the COMPLETE A TELE-HEALTH APPT REQUEST FORM button to get started.
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Step 1:

Submit an Appointment Request Form

This brief secure form provides Dorian with a client’s name, address and general contact information along with a brief explanation of the current needs/goals for treatment. Insurance coverage(s) will also be provided for review through completion of this form.

After receiving and reviewing a completed Appointment Request Form, client’s will receive a password protected secure link to complete enrollment paperwork and schedule an initial appointment.
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Step 2:

Complete Enrollment Paperwork

After submitting an Appointment Request Form client’s will receive an Access Code to open and securely complete the three part enrollment paperwork which includes:

1. Demographics
2. History
3. Consent For Treatment

After completing each section of the enrollment paperwork the documents will be securely transmitted to Dorian to review prior to your initial appointment.
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Step 4:

Schedule Initial Appointment w/Dorian

After completing the Enrollment Paperwork client’s will be able to reserve an initial appointment through Dorian’s secure online calendar.

Once scheduled, clients will receive planned reminder texts prior to each appointment. On the day of a client’s appointment a private link will be sent along with the final appointment reminder. This link will allow clients to join their secure video tele-health therapy session with Dorian.
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Step 3:

Download and Install the Free Google Meet App (If Needed)

Following submission of the completed Enrollment Paperwork and scheduling an initial appointment clients will be given directions and links to download and install Google Meet which is the secure platform used for tele-health counseling sessions.

Detailed, step-by-step directions on how to prepare, sign-on and use Google Meet for secure tele-health therapy sessions w/Dorian are available for review as needed.

*NOTE: Link(s) to Download the Google Meet App for Sessions and detailed directions will be provided later on during the enrollment process.
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